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A little bit about The LOA Blend with Alyssa & Elizabeth on Universal Energy Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/universal-energy

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The LOA Blend as a radio show started officially on October 19, 2010, but co-hosts Alyssa and Elizabeth had already been working with each other on Universal Energy Radio for two months -- co-hosting on each other's show -- before they finally realized they would be much more effective as a team. Elizabeth brought her channeling expertise from her show, "Channeling in the Closet" and Alyssa brought her intuitive numerology from her "Sum of You" show and they took over the airwaves three times a week. They really haven't stopped since then because they love spending time with the Universal Energy Radio family!

Alyssa and Elizabeth are eternally grateful to Anna Banguilan, founder of Universal Energy Radio, for the opportunity to create and grow in such a wonderful and supportive environment.  They also love that Anna is part of the LOA Blend not only in spirit but in also in presence: Anna steps in as guest co-host and chat room wizard when one of the co-hosts cannot participate. The show must go on!

Please note: Anna is the cousin of Alyssa. Some say they sound alike. Some also say they cannot tell the difference in voices on the LOA Blend, Elizabeth included. While all the co-hosts on the LOA Blend find this highly amusing, they also want to help you differentiate their voices. Here are some tips:
  • Elizabeth is a native New Yorker. She sounds like it. She still lives there. If the LOA Blend ever has to get a bleep button, Elizabeth would be in charge of it so she can self-censor. She will also shush you when you are spiraling out of control, knock you over the head (energetically) when she knows you're not quite listening, and call you out if you continue to get in your own way. You will thank her later for such preventative measures. If she thinks you're of Latin descent, will break out the Spanish if she really needs to get your attention.
  • Alyssa is a native South Carolinian. It's a very mild Southern accent, but it's there. She is a self-proclaimed nerd and is usually looking up stuff on Google during the show: meanings of animals in dreams, dates of the next full moon, and the actual age of Grace Jones. She also runs controls for handling callers and requests in the chat room. Alyssa is very calculating, as every numerologist should be. Despite her Filipino heritage, English is her only language, but will make random pop culture references to bridge any communication gap.
  • Anna was born in California but raised in the South. You can hear that southern twang of her Alabama kinfolk, especially after she's spent time visiting her dad'n'em in Mobile. If Anna is co-hosting an LOA Blend show, she is also running controls -- any tapping or clicking noises you may hear is Anna on the keyboard keeping up a lively discussion in chat. Anna is all about law of attraction and energy, and the force is strong with this one.
Listen to the LOA Blend live every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Show times are subject to change. Go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/universal-energy and click "Follow" to receive show reminders.
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